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Cuddle Love

February 15, 2010

I’m pretty inconsistent about celebrating minor holidays.  Sometimes I go all out, sometimes I let them pass me by.  This Valentine’s I split the difference and made a little gift for the Turtle while agreeing with the husband that presents weren’t necessary.

Made from the Star Seed Baby pattern in this winter’s Living Crafts Magazine. (Interesting note–while a star seed does indeed seem to be a seed shaped like a star, if you are to google “star seed baby” you will get mostly websites about aliens incarnated as human babies.  I’m going to assume the project title comes from the first definition.)  It took a lot of adjustments to make the above doll–completely different measurements and pattern shapes–but since it was a small, simple project it still only took a baby-free afternoon of cutting sewing and an evening of embroidering.

Made from a thrifted sweater (bought to felt and cut) and an old T-shirt.  So that felt good, too.

Turtle’s not too interested in stuffed animals, and this is his first doll.  So his reaction to the doll’s presentation yesterday was to toss it aside (literally) and play with the box that his gift from the grandparents arrived in.  But today I tucked it in the crib with him at naptime, and he fell asleep on top of it, little hat sticking out under his belly.  So there’s hope that this might be a treasured toy, afterall.

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