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Getting Out

January 27, 2010

Getting out of the house is a challenge this time of year.  It’s cold.  And there’s a baby to bundle and snowpants to find and coats to zip.  And when all that is complete, there’s no assurance that the baby will go along with the plan.  (A couple weeks ago there was a decent snowfall, and we tried Playing-In-The-Snow with the Turtle.  And he stood there, snow past his ankles, and cried.)  I do well at getting out in the car–driving to indoor playgrounds, or just the grocery store, and that change of scenery is useful.  But getting outside just to get outside?  Not so good at remembering to do that.

Yesterday, though, I got out the coats & zippers and we headed to the park.  We were the only ones there.  But, Turtle was game, and explored the silent playground.  He had just figured out slides as the weather started to get nasty back in November, and I was entertained to see that he remembered — climb up the stairs, wait at the top for mama to get you pointed feet first, push down, repeat.  And the dusting of snow was much more Turtle’s speed.  Training snow, if you will.

Today is crazy cold, but sunny.  And I will take sunny over cloudy regardless of the temperature, so we managed to walk to run some errands this morning.  Came back very cold, but much happier than if we’d stayed warmer in the car.  Note to self – it really is worth finding the snowpants.

Oh, and the hat?  A brilliant handknit gift (thanks Laura!), Knitty’s Toasty Topper.  Keeps the ears & chin warm.  And when it slips over his eyes he toddles around giggling like it’s a game of peekaboo.

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