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January 26, 2010

It might have been nearly two months ago, but it was a Happy Birthday for the Turtle.  Let’s see how much I can remember.

The celebration was small, just mama and papa and Turtle, and the grandparents on the webcam.  There was cake, of course, and pictures of a baby grabbing at cake.  His first handful was blue frosting, and once he realized it was tasty he kept plucking off the blue bits.  It took some convincing that the rest of the cake was sweet, too.  There were presents, and unlike the normal story of the baby having more fun with the wrapping than the toy, he didn’t show much interest until the toys were revealed.  Noisemakers were the favorite for the giving and the getting–a block with a jingle bell inside, a xylophone, musical rattles.  I stained & finished a stepstool for him, which he didn’t show much interest in, but will enjoy as he learns to climb.  He allowed his birthday crown to sit on his head for part of the night.  And the vest he’s wearing was another handmade component.  I’ve completely fallen for knitting vests, and for my little Turtle in vests, and so I see many more special occasion vests in the future.

As for the month leading up to the birthday–it was all about the walking!  Turtle started the month lunging his nose forward and hoping his feet would follow for a step or two before he fell.  Midway through the month he figured out how to keep the rhythm going across the room, and he was off.  Those first few weeks he wore himself out with the walking–his naptime spiked (useful, since his getting-into-stuff time also spiked).  He looks so grown up walking around.

We finished the birthday celebration with a trip to the local children’s science museum.  The trip was a birthday present, even if he didn’t know it.  We wanted to take a special outting that would be fun for him.  There was a great toddler area, complete with a water-play table.  And when some kid threw up in that, we headed out to explore the big kid exhibits.  Turtle probably didn’t learn much about magnets or electricity, but he’d love to tell you all about the buttons he pushed.  He’s a big fan of buttons.

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