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January 25, 2010

It’s time for a meta-post, a post about posting, a manifesto to get me excited about blogging again.  I wrote one of these nearly a month ago, but never published for lack of pictures.  But I’ve found the camera cord, we’ve settled into the rhythms of cold-weather post-Christmas child-chasing, and chilly evenings indoors find me with more time to play at the computer.  That and I keep finding myself composing blog posts in my head, and I ought to take that as a sign & get this up and running again.

I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately.  And that’s left me thinking about why I blog and should I blog and all of that.  And I think I’ve concluded that this is something I want to continue.  This space has become less about knitting, and more about general family stuff.  I get inspiration from so many blogs that I read–but my blog isn’t about inspiring my readers (reader?  maybe?) so much as it is about reflecting on the little steps I take here and there to find a place for creativity in my life.  I find myself composing little blog post in my head about the things I’m proud of accomplishing–whether it’s finishing a knitting project or managing a meal from local ingredients, or pausing in amazement as I watch the baby play.  So maybe understanding why I keep up this blog will mean that I’ll feel more comfortable posting more often.  Or maybe it won’t.  We shall see.

So, the first blog project is to finish up my year of baby posts.  With a post about his birthday, two months late.  I think I’ll start on that tomorrow.

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