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Over the Weekend

November 8, 2009

Over the Weekend:

  • A road trip with the baby to visit my brother.
  • Best playground train ever.  And a baby who was not impressed and only wanted out.


  • Crazy warm weather.  More to-dos put off because this really will be the last nice day.  I’ve used that excuse a lot this week.
  • Eight elementary kids acting out the book of Ruth.  Caught on Flip.
  • 100 blue streamers waving in worship every time water was mentioned.  For a sometimes stodgy church, this experiment in incorporating children was a step in a fun and thoughtful direction.


Coming up this week:

  • Lots of meetings and gatherings.  Why does every organization meet on the second week of the month?
  • A morning to work, whatever that might become, while Turtle is at daycare.
  • Overriding past bad luck with video editing so that the Sunday school video can be in some sort of watchable form next week.
  • I’m going to clean my bathroom.  Really.  I am.

Right now:

  • A baby who awoke with a fright and is now wide awake.  Christer is taking his turn rocking right now.
  • A pile of fabric cut up and on its way to becoming Christmas presents.
  • The thought of some hot chocolate entering my head.  G’night all, I’m off to make a drink.


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  1. November 8, 2009 11:48 pm

    you have inspired me to have hot chocolate as well!

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