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Stringing Along

November 4, 2009

Today Turtle helped me with a little craft project–and this is about the most organized our playtime has ever been.  He really likes grabbing at little things, but, of course, he also likes putting them straight in his mouth.  So while he gets to play with bits of food at meals, and while I occationally have the patience to play with acorns or rocks or beads with him, constantly swiping them from his mouth, the best way for him to explore small things right now is when they are connected.  I had a bag of beads from a summer garage sale that I wanted to string for him.  And this morning when I realized that we had eatten breakfast, gotten ready for the day and pulled out all the usual toys, and it was only 8:30, I decided to pull them out at let him join me, or not, in the stringing.


He was more interested in watching me than I anticipated, although trying to put beads in his mouth was still his favorite part of the activity.  He even caught on enough to hand me a few beads–especially helpful since the first part of this game was for him to spill the rolly, bouncy beads all over the floor.  And whenever I stopped stringing and started tying he would grab like crazy.  I think he knew that his new toy was almost ready.

Now we’ve got four strings of different lengths.  Turtle explored the strings–he liked waving them around and, of course, chewing on them.  (And no, for goodness sakes, he is not teething.  Babies put stuff in their mouths, always.  So stop asking.)  When that got old we added a pie tin–dropping the beads in it and swirling them around made all sorts of noise.  And noise makes a happy Turtle.

For anyone else who wants to try this, please note that the yarn isn’t the strongest, and these will continue to be top-shelf toys that come down when I’m able to keep an eye on him.

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