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November 2, 2009

These are my current favorite baby pants.  Favorites because they are kinda baggy, and crazy easy to slip on and off for diaper changes.  Also, because they have big orange pockets.  They’re just one of half a dozen pairs I’ve made over the past year, all using a sloppy approximation of Soule Mama’s directions in The Creative Family.  No T-shirt in the house is safe–special favorites include an old Union shirt of Christer’s and a black & white Homer Simpson shirt.

The only problem with these pants is that, as it gets colder, the T-shirt material really isn’t enough for a day outdoors.  (We weren’t planning to take these outside today, but stopped by the park on the way home after learning that an indoor playground was closed on Mondays.  So it was a quick trip.)  I’m thinking baby needs another set made out of old sweatshirts.  Or fleeces.  Warm and fuzzy stuff.


And speaking of pants, our favorite book these days is Moosey Moose, by Chris Raschka.  It’s about a Moose, who wants his pants.  His long pants.  Not his short pants.  That’s about all there is to the book.  And while grabbing the link I took a look at the reviews on Amazon, and they are almost as funny as the book.  So go, read them.

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