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October 6, 2009

Double digits, baby!  The ten-month-old Turtle is picking up speed, cruising around, keeping us busy and keeping us laughing.


The Turtle is communicating so much more.  I feel like I’m having two-sided conversations with him these days as he joins in to whatever’s happening with motions and faces and babbles.  He’s started repeating our movements–hands in the air, clapping his hands, tilting his head sideways.  He likes repeat games where we go back and forth doing the same movement or sound.  He’ll make a little shout and wait for you to copy it.  (When there were crows cawing outdoors once he started shouting at them, as well, evidently thinking they wanted to play this game.)  There have been a lot of giggles lately, as he’s pleased when he’s getting his message across.  And he’s started throwing tantrums, too–still unexpected enough to be more amusing than annoying, although I suspect that will change quickly.  And when he’s tired and cuddly feeling he’s taken to mumbling mamamamama.  Not a word yet, but I can’t help but enjoy hearing that sound when he’s needing a bit of care.


This month we’ve been settling back into our fall routines at home.  Christer’s back at work full time, and I’ve been trying to find a few places to give Turtle friends to play with & me some parents to chat with during the day.  We’ve spent a lot of time at parks, but our favorite outting is still the library.  Turtle’s starting to catch on that he can pay attention to the librarian during story time (not that he always does) and he remembers the rhymes they say and gets excited when we repeat them at home (slowly, slowly, very slowly, goes the little snail…).  Turtle’s been a regular in the nursery at church, and we just visited a home day-care run by a friend where he’ll be dropping by now and then when I need a daytime sitter.  It’s fun watching him play with the other kids–although it’s a whole new game for me of trying to figure out how cautious to be.  I tend to enjoy sitting back and seeing what sort of mischief he’ll get into on his own, but I also ought to be mindful that he’s one of the bigger babies in any bunch.  He’s taken out several toddlers (just trying to use them as a brace to pull up on, but they aren’t so steady), and he’s quick to “borrow” toys.


So without the adventure of travel Turtle’s been content to take on everyday adventures around town.  He’s thoroughly explored the lower two feet of several area parks–and learned to crawl over to the swings when he wants to be pushed.  The trunk of a large tree (again, we’ve got a few favorites) will keep him occupied for half an hour, especially if it’s got roots to climb on.  We’re slowly trying to find ways for him to explore (safely) inside, too.  Little collections of his toys are appearing around the house–a basket of jar lids in the kitchen, a pile of books in the front room, a shelf of toys separating the baby from the blinds.  And we’ve been chasing him out of the living room for the past couple days in an attempt to keep him out of the paint cans/rollers/drop cloths/ladders/brushes strewn about.


His mission, nearly every waking moment, is to pull himself up to standing.  He’s jumping in the crib when I get him up in the morning, cruising along the chairs/couch/shelf so that he can get himself to the blinds and giggle as I remind him “no” and pull him away.  He’ll use a chair as a walker and push it around the room, and he’s just started to figure out how to push his little walker wagon around.  Unfortunately he only gets it to go three or four steps before running into something, and that seems to trigger tantrums since he doesn’t know how to turn, poor thing.  The only reliable way to settle him down and see him relax is to load him in the stroller and head out on a walk.  He’ll kick back, sometimes leaning his arm over one side and his feet up on the tray.  He’s completely content to watch the neighborhood go by–it’s a special treat if we’re walking at night and he gets to watch the lights on the cars.


Looking through these pictures, and the many, many others that these were plucked from, it’s amazing how much personality he’s able to get across with that grin and those big eyes.  Also, I am realizing that the kid needs another hat.  I like the orange & brown and all, but I am a knitter after all.

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