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Autumn Color Week: Green

September 29, 2009

Because I am a sucker for a color themed day.  And because I’m enjoying the extreme onset of fall here in the past two days.  I’d like to play along with Autumn Color Week.

That said, there’s green inside and out.  Inside was easy, green is the color of my newest obsession.  I stayed up again working on this little mitten, now about 30% smaller.  Definitely worth the reboot.


Outside is a bit rougher–I realize I’ve got two handicaps to my fall photography.  The first is location.  We’re in an urban neighborhood–not fancy trendy urban and not falling-apart urban, just middle-of-the-road urban.  The trees are starting to change color a bit, but just shooting up, getting only leaves and sky, seemed to be cheating a bit.  That’s not really what I see around here, y’know?  So for these outdoor shots I’m trying to enjoy how autumn is present in a rather concrete atmosphere.

The second challenge is weather.  The wet and fog and grey that are the trademarks of fall around here are not kind to the film.  I could wait until the sun comes out–but that really wouldn’t capture the colors of autumn.  And it could be a long wait.


But despite the grey, despite the concrete, I really enjoyed taking a walk outdoors today and playing at the park with the baby.  Chilly fall winds, warm sweaters, and subtle images of changing seasons.  And now that I’m indoors, I’ll take a look at the brilliant fall colors on the Autumn Color Week flickr group.

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