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What We’re Up To

September 28, 2009

Lots of little bits keeping me entertained and away from the computer:

  • Cool weather that is finally feeling like fall.  Baby in a too-big sweater, me pulling out my favorite warm clothes.  Turtle’s window was closed last night, but ours was still open.


  • A fall festival with the Turtle.  His first chance at petting farm animals where he actually seemed interested.  He would touch the noses of the sheep, donkeys, and cows, and then collapse in giggles.  And then gently reach for their noses again.
  • Mama’s first homemade halloween costume is started.  From a pattern, but significantly scaled down from the picture on the envelope.  Pieces are cut, but the sewing is stalled.  1) because sewing can’t happen during naps (too noisy) and it sure can’t happen when he’s awake.  2) because I learned that my sewing machine can’t sew the bit of foam needed for stuffing.  I kind of saw that one coming, but trusted the pattern and cut the stuffing into two pieces anyway.  And now I’m wishing I hadn’t.
  • Kind of obsessed with knitting a little Christmas mitten for the Turtle.  I was working on it way too late last night.  Which means that I looked at it this morning and realized that it’s way, way too big.  But I am too excited to see how it’s coming along to rip it out.  Sigh.


  • Thanks to some coaching from a friend, Turtle has unlocked the secrets of the sippy cup.  As the weather cools I’m kicking myself for not practicing this more when it was warmer.  Because as cute as it is outside, it’s a bit of a mess indoors.
  • Enjoying the quiet of Monday–but it’s probably time to do something more useful than blog.  Laundry, grocery list, and dishes await.  How do I get so little done over the weekend?  Oh, yes, by staying up knitting mittens that don’t fit.
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