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Happy Fall!

September 23, 2009

One Equinox, one party, one day out in the woods.  A good way to switch seasons.


Maybe I’ve been reading too much Soule Mama.  Or flipping through the flickr group for the Seasons Round Exchange a bit too long.  But I’ve got it in my head that we need a nature table, nevermind that the wee one in this house can’t even say “autumn” yet.  So yesterday I instituted a little equinox celebration.  My goal?  A little something for the grownups, and a nature table that was age appropriate for a 9 month old.  So no wool gnomes this year (sigh).


I made rolled cookies in fall shapes (I went through the trouble of rolling in order to use the hedgehog & squirel out of this set) and pumpkin cream cheese to dip them in (one block of cream cheese + half a can of pumpkin pie filling).  And then there were some nature table presents for the Turtle.  A pumpkin, gourd, and ears of corn from the farmer’s market.  Great for lifting, twisting, dropping and drooling on.  He seems especially intrigued by the texture of the corn cobs in his mouth.


Rain and scheduling foiled our outside time on the Equinox itself, but we made up for it today by traveling a bit out of town to Christer’s school’s annual picnic.  A few snacks, some faculty vs. student competition (on shore and in the water), a chance to show off (and pass off) the baby, and a few minutes alone to play with the macro setting on the camera until the battery wore out.  If you sat very still you could almost feel a fall chill blowing through the humid, 80 degree day.  Almost.


Just a bit of celebrating to mark a change–a bit of planning to be able to call it an event, and a few minutes together as a family to roll baby pumpkins around on the ground.  Yes, I overthought it all–but it is exciting to be able to share these little festivals, little passages of time, with a little baby.  And to hope that some of the excitement will stick, and that we’re starting our own little traditions to grow as he does.

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