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Tin Caps Win!

September 18, 2009

This has been a summer of baseball, as we’ve happily learned that our newest addition likes a summer evening at the ballpark as much as we do.  The local Single A team just moved downtown near us, encouraging us to attend more and (horray!) encouraging a lot more visitors to our neighborhood.  I’ve attended at least a dozen games this summer, and the boys have gone to even more.  There were lots of games with friends, and games with just the three of us on a picnic blanket.  There were rain-outs spent in the gift shop, and baby-melt-downs that had us leaving in the 4th inning, and late nights watching fireworks after extra innings (the Turtle loves the fireworks–if he can make it that long).


Pre-season open house. Baby at 4 months.

There was a lot of opposition to the new ballpark.  See, Fort Wayne, and really all of Indiana, has a problem with low self-esteem.  It’s not just that they don’t want to spend the money on a nice new ballpark, it seems that the collective voice often states that we just don’t deserve to have something shiny and up-to-date.  The old stadium works, darn it, and we ought to be grateful that we’ve got anywhere at all to watch a game.  And the downtown isn’t pretty, but we don’t need pretty, and we don’t need the economic boost that comes with pretty.  We’re making due, and we have no right to ask for more.


Showing team spirit. For papa's team. (He's wearing a jersey, too.)

And so I’ve really been enjoying just how good baseball has been this season.  The new park is fabulous–it captures the feeling of a calm oasis downtown while also containing all the excitement of a close game.  The stadium’s crew puts on a good show–dancing grounds crews, between-inning games, nightly promotions (Thirsty Thursdays with dollar beer, a favorite).  Many games have sold out, and that’s all the seats from the fancy boxes to the lawn spots (also a favorite).  And to top it all off, a championship team, that won their final game last night.

On the lawn in June.

On the lawn in June.

Change is good.  Just ask Turtle–you can see how much he’s changed between the pre-season open house and a stop by the ballpark last night to listen to the radio broadcast as the team won the championship game on the road.


Last night.

So thanks, TinCaps, for reminding the Fort that it’s okay to win sometimes, and it’s okay to want it.

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