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September 7, 2009

I think that I am finally on the way to getting the living room set up the way I want it.  We’ve lived here, um, over 2 years–and it just hasn’t come together right.  But this weekend there was a trip to Ikea:


Great trip, by the way.  Fun time with friends.  Knitting and chatting on the road.  Entertainment (and muscle power) provided by one 7 year old.  About 6 hours spent in Ikea (Christer has indulged my Ikea obsession, but would never stay that long).  7 carts and flats full o’ stuff between the 3 1/2 of us.  Noodles & Co for dinner when it was all done.  (Noodles is inching into Indiana… when will it get here?)

Now there is a rug on the floor, one bookshelf built and another waiting for after-bedtime tonight.  There are paint chips on the table.  I’m really trying to keep the momentum going to get this all together this month.  Photos?  Nope, not yet.  But soon.

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