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September 3, 2009

Nine months!  Yes, it’s getting a bit old that every time I write one of these I make some comment about time flying, etc.  But really, 9 months already?  How did that happen?


Turtle’s crawling around at full speed, and pulling up on anything and everything.  This new freedom means lots more time for him to play independently–but it also means that he needs more supervision, so we’re both still learning how we can both get done what we want to get done during the day.  I’m still a big fan of just going outside.  Whether at the park or in our backyard, there’s so much to explore, so little to be dangerous, and usually a bit of time for me to knit.  Also, it is nearly impossible to wash a dish or fold laundry while outside.


The Turtle’s getting more opinionated–he likes peaches & graham crackers but not peas or baby rice teething biscuts.  He likes crawling after cats and dogs, and petting them if they let him.  He still likes ceiling fans, but would now rather play with a swinging door (watch those fingers!) or wheels on a stroller.  He has favorite pages in a few books, usually those with pictures of smiling babies.  His whole body tenses with excitement when he spies papa, and he bops his head around to dance when mama sings.  He still loves getting that calming pat on the diaper when he’s tired and having trouble falling asleep.


Turtle met almost all of Christer’s side of the family this month–his brother and two sisters, and various aunts, uncles and cousins at the reunion.  After hearing about some Italian tourists who didn’t need English to comment that Turtle is “grande” (he’s still above the 90th percentile on those growth charts), Christer’s cousins took to nicknaming him El Grande.  The nickname has sort of stuck, but I think I’ll keep calling him Turtle around here.  Turtle was featured in the Oldest And Youngest photo at the reunion with the eldest of Christer’s mom’s siblings, and he got to meet Christer’s favorite aunts–three nuns who have shown up on this blog in the past.  We also fit in a quick trip to visit my aunt and uncle, and some college friends, in Chicago.  Let’s see–Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Utah and Idaho–that’s 20% of the states!


I’ve mentioned that Christer was home a lot this month, and Turtle was loving it.  It was especially useful having him around at the beginning of the month when Turtle had learned how to sit up, but not how to lie back down.  Every naptime and bedtime (and a couple times a night as well) was a struggle.  We’d put him down, and he’d immediately pop up, like a little punching bag.  Even if he’d been cuddled and rocked to sleep, he still would sit up as soon as we put him down, sometimes with his eyes still closed.  And then there would be tears, because he was tired, and he wanted to sleep, but he was sitting.  Luckily it only took a week or so for him to learn to lie back down.  Also luckily it was pretty darn amusing to watch, otherwise it would have been just frustraiting.


And with that, he’s letting me know that he’s done napping and ready to explore some more.  We’re off and running!

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