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Fathers and Families

September 2, 2009

Our usual library routine includes a stop by the reserve section to see what’s waiting for us, a quick roll of the stroller past the cooking or knitting or fiction section to see what catches my eye, a whole lot of time playing in the preschool area, the realization that we are inches from meltdown and it’s time to go, and finally piling baby back into the stroller with as many books as he’s managed to knock off the shelves and checking them out before falling asleep on the walk home.  We don’t actually read at the library–there’s too much else to do–and so I was very pleasantly surprised when we sat down with some books this morning to see this in the mix:


I vaguely remember putting some sort of “daddy” book in the stroller, but, turns out, the daddy and the papa in the title are the kid’s two fathers.  Now there’s a lot right about this book.  Cute book for the board-book-age — bright pictures, cute text about daddy and papa playing with the kid with paper airplains and tea parties and whatnot.  And it’s hardly the only kids’ book, even baby book, that shows a family with gay parents.  What really hit me, and has had me grinning all morning, is how we accidentally ended up with this book.  Didn’t have to go to the indie bookstore to find it, didn’t have to read some review on a lefty blog.  It just made it’s way home in a big pile of books, just the way it should.


There’s a lot of messages marketed to kids that make me cringe.  And while I won’t be trying to censor all of it away from Turtle, I know that sooner or later, and probably often, some book or something from school, or even a stray comment by Christer or I will lead to a talk on We-Don’t-Do-Things-That-Way-In-Our-House.  So it’s nice to know that the right messages can slip in, too.

Now if only a pint of Hubby Hubby would also accidentally make its way home with us…

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