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Cold Season

September 1, 2009

I’m getting payback for my night of productivity in the form of a nagging cold.  But I still think it was worth it–14 pints of sauce are happily waiting for a trip down to the basement, and what wouldn’t fit in the jars is waiting for dinner tonight.  I hope it tastes as good today as it did in the wee hours of the morning–we’ve got a lot of it.


So, the cold has finally gotten me thinking that fall is coming.  Turtle’s got it, too, so he’s been kinda fussy today.  Why do these things hit both of us at once, making us both grumpy?  The weather is mild, and we’re sneezing and sniffling, and I’m blaming fall.  The plan for the day is to finish cleaning up the kitchen from last night’s project, to drink lots of liquids, and to do as little else as possible.  Which is why I am posting in the middle of the day.


But, fall also means that knitting looks more appealing.  (Both for me, and for my classes, which filling up with students, yay!)  So the pictures are of another knitted gift from the weekend’s shower–this one made by all the knitters in our little group.  It’s basicly the same idea as a blanket they made Turtle, and he loves his, so we did it again.  The yarn is Crayon, from Knitpicks, held double.  Each stripe is 20sts across on size 11 needles.  Differences in gauge make for the curvy shape, but the blanket is so loose and stretchy that it doesn’t really hold any shape, so it might as well be a bit wonky.  The colors were fun to work with, and perfect for our bright-color-loving fellow knitter.  Here’s the mom & dad, with the baby bump trying out the blankie:


Also, I got to put it together in rainbow order, which always makes me kind of happy.  And maybe enough crazy, bright, rainbow, happy, baby, fuzzy, warm pictures in a row will make the snuffles a little less annoying.

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