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And it’s September

September 1, 2009

Can I just start by saying that roasting tomatoes and canning sauce is much more comfortable on a 45 degree night at 1am than during the traditional summer afternoon?

That’s my attempt at seeing the jar half-full as I try to stay awake as the last batch processes.  We picked up half a bushel of tomatoes from the CSA farm today (they tried to sell me a whole bushel, which, I now know, would be 50 pounds of tomatoes!)  I waited until the Turtle went down for the night before starting this project–and sometime around bedtime I got an assurance from Christer that he can watch a baby in the morning while I sleep in, horray!


So August is over, my computer tells me, and it has been September for nearly an hour.  August was a good month.  Christer was home lots, we traveled a bit, we’ve spent lots of time with friends, I got some breaks from baby-duty and Christer got some breaks from the office.  There was a decent amount of sitting around, a lot of running around to get to this event or that, and even a bit of sleeping in.  I sort of kept up with my photo log–almost half as many pictures as days.  Not great, but more than I usually post.  I was struck by how often I would think that I had the perfect shot, but I didn’t want to bother to ruin the moment by getting out the camera.  So I wouldn’t, and then I wouldn’t have anything to post.

September is going to be a different beast, I think.  Christer’s got a very full teaching load and several other projects at work.  Turtle and I are getting back into our routine–but with changes.  I’ve gotten myself a bit over-committed at church this fall, and I’m excited to see how some challenges play out.  The Turtle is getting social enough that we’re going to try to attend more playgroups and such–it’s worth the hassel to get to watch him play with other kids.

The sweater above (fitting for cooling days) is for an October baby whose shower we attended over the weekend.  Necco Wafer from Twist Collective–love the pattern so much that I already have yarn to make one for Turtle in a larger size.

And with that, I think it’s time to pull some pasta sauce out of the water.  Keep your fingers crossed that I hear 8 little jars pop sealed.

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