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August 4, 2009

Gotta take a break from the photos to commemerate 8 months of baby.  And the baby news around here is all about the crawling.  Thanks to some help from an Uncle dangling a beer bottle a few inches out of reach (thanks Matthew!), the Turtle is mobile.


Oh my, I think that little backside wiggling away is going to be a frequent sight.  It’s a great new trick.  There’s so much joy–from him and from anyone watching–as he practices this new skill.  He plods along, sometimes resting, sometimes getting distracted by a toy (or dust bunny).  He zeros in on anything tiny, anything with a cord, or anything with a flashing light, ushering us into the world of baby-proofing.  Although, with the mild summer weather, I’d usually rather take him outside than try to clean up the inside.

The best part of crawling, for me at least, is watching what he crawls towards.  He’s got a bit more agency now, a bit more opportunity to show his preferences.  Who knew that corners of rugs were So!  Very!  Exciting!  When we arrive someplace newish he’ll crawl back to me at first–and then, as he gets his bearings, crawl around to try-out other gathered friends.  He’ll explore around the house until he gets tired, and then he’ll head back to me or Christer, starting to whine and rub his eyes, showing that he’s ready for familiar arms for a rest.


Turtle’s really showing that he enjoys his time away from us, too–playing with Grandma on vacation, or staying in the nursery at church.  He loves the drop in care when I take my yoga classes–the toddlers all chorus “hi baby Toby” when he arrives, and he laughs and laughs as they run around him (sadly the yoga studio is closing soon, meaning a loss of fun and community for both baby and me).  It’s funny to return to him, both pleased that he is enjoying himself and feeling some curiousity (anxiety?) about who he is becoming while I am away–I suppose that’s a journey that we’ll continue for the next 18 years, eh?


Summer journeys continue–and while we were nervous to travel with a baby a few months ago it’s now become part of our pattern.  At the beginning of the month the Turtle was introduced to college friends, and the end of the month brought my side of the family together in Michigan for lots of Turtle-time.  He likes the car rides–at least for the first few hours–and loves the extra attention when we reach our destinations.  Also, he’s developed quite a collection of ceiling fans.  New ceilings in different homes and hotels seem to be his favorite part of any trip–after the last trip he kept looking up, searching for the hotel’s swirling fan.


Food is big news around here–he likes big things that he can grab and chew on, his trusty mesh feeder full of frozen fruit, and the usual assortment of purees.  As quickly as he decided to stop solids last month he returned to them this month, and now seems to eagerly anticipate mealtime.  On the parent end, it is awfully nice to be able to give him a cracker or a piece of fruit and have him join us for dinner.  It makes dining out more fun, too.

All in all, there’s a lot of world out there to explore, and the Turtle’s taking on the task one dust bunny at a time.  It’s exhausting, but I’m loving the ride.


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  1. August 4, 2009 10:41 pm

    Wow, he’s just amazing and lovely and how did I not even know? Somehow I only had the link to the old whitecorolla and figured you’d left the blogiverse. At any rate, lovely to be caught up with this sweet development in your life. Those eyes! You must just want to swim in them. 🙂

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