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Two Thirds

July 31, 2009

Is it the end of July already?  Even with the relatively season-less work of baby care, I’m starting to feel a like summer is moving a bit too quickly.


Christer’s summer research has come to an end, and he’s got a few weeks free before he starts teaching again in the fall.  He’s thrilled to get a few weeks of vacation–and, as this plan has come together in the past few days, I’m incredibly excited to get a chance to go “to work” while he’s home with the baby.  I haven’t entirely figured out what “work” will be.  There are some projects around here that could use some attention (#1 being some serious baby-proofing for our new crawler).  But there’s also some projects that I’d like to put out into the world–writing up some patterns, putting some things for sale on Etsy, helping out with some education stuff at church.  I got a little taste of this schedule today as I hopped in and out–running errands, garage saling, teaching a knitting class, hauling home the take from the garage sales (I might have bought four bookshelves today.  Of course I couldn’t fit them all in the Yaris in one trip.)  Christer stayed home and watched a baby and put some serious time into re-programing the iTouch.

So, in the spirit of making the most of the end of summer, and with apologies to Soule Mama’s 30 Days of Photos I’m going to focus on the camera instead of the writing for the next month.  I can’t promise I’ll post every day, but I’m going to try to hit most.  Maybe it’ll catch some of what I’m doing away from baby, and some of what I’m doing with him nearby.  Hopefully it’ll capture a bit of summer to keep as the season slips away.

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