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Great Grandma

May 18, 2009

The Turtle and I made it home last night, from a trip to meet his only living Great-Grandma.  My dad’s mother lives in Idaho, a full day of air and car travel each way.  Being alone on a plane with a baby was a frightening task (especially when one flight had nearly three hours of just-fifteen-more-minute delays on the runway)–but it was so worth it for this:


My parents joined us, and my aunt and uncle also live nearby (that’s what brought Grandma west after Grandpa died), so there were plenty of hands to hold a baby, and plenty of family for him to charm.


I was a bit nervous about the solo baby care, too, but it’s amazing how relaxing a change of scenery can be, even with the parenting responsibilities.  I got a bit less sleep than I might have on a trip a year ago–but without chores to do or projects hanging overhead we just focused on the basics (feed the baby, change the baby, repeat) and the socializing, and it was good.


And it was so good to see my grandma, and to introduce her to her first great-grandkid.  Turtle just loved her (although lately he’s showing his love by trying to eat chins…), and if she wasn’t holding him he’d grin across the room at the sound of her voice.


Christer survived his first time away from Turtle, too.  It was cute hearing his voice get cuddly when he talked to Turtle on the phone, and watching Turtle’s eyes light up when he heard papa’s voice.

Some of the pictures are from a trip to the zoo, another first for the Turtle.  He wasn’t too impressed by most of the animals, although he did like the large active flocks of flamingos and penguins.  I’ll close with a picture of a Lemur family–my favorite part of that afternoon of the trip.


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