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Mother’s Day, 1.5

May 11, 2009

This time last year we were just getting used to the idea that a little one was on the way.  And now, this year, it’s hard to remember what we did without him.


My first full Mother’s day wasn’t quite the relaxing day the holiday is advertised as.  Guest room needed to be cleared out for incoming guests.  Packing and planning to be done for the trip to grandma’s (we leave tomorrow!).  A flurry of knitting trying to get summer class samples done.  Teaching Sunday School at church.  General stuff to be done before I can happily leave town.

But Christer managed to make a yummy lunch, and order me a subscription to Ottobre magazine.  And we found an hour or so to head out to the park and play with the Turtle and the camera.  And I fit in the call to my mom, as well.  So the fun was mixed in with the busy, and the busy is all a part of preparing for future fun.

Like the guests, who should be here any minute.  Friends from college and their kids.  I’m glad I got much of the cleaning and packing done yesterday (and I am thrilled that the Turtle is happily getting his napping done before they arrive, too) so that we can maybe head to the zoo this afternoon.

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