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Mmmm Fiber

May 9, 2009

Once again the Fort Wayne Fiber Festival landed the same weekend as Maryland Sheep and Wool.  Since Turtle and I are heading out of town (to Idaho!  across the country! on a plane!) in just a few days, we opted to stay in town and check out the yummy fiber here in town.  Not as big, no, but good weather and friendly faces made for a good day at the festival.


A friend asked me to sit at the raffle booth for her guild, so Turtle and I camped out by a beautiful soon-to-be-raffled woven shawl.  And although I sometimes needed to get up and walk around to take care of him, I’m pretty sure that he helped sell some tickets.  I was knitting squares for a sampler blanket, and he kept grabbing, so I gave him a finished square to play with/chew on.  That must have made a cute picture, us sitting together, me knitting, him drooling.  A school group came by and a kid exclaimed “look!  even the baby is knitting!”  Ha, we start ’em young around here!

Along with getting good seats for people and fiber watching (some of the groups were doing some great demonstrations and take home crafts for the kids wandering through), it was fun seeing so many knitters from the shop stop through.  There really is a knitting community here, and this gathering was a chance to say hi and check in with folks I see often, and folks I hadn’t seen since before baby.


Turtle was quite tolerant of the three hour shift, and afterwards we took some time to visit the sheep and goats and outdoor exhibits.  My friend Julie was in the goat barn, and she had fun taking pictures of us, and another mama and baby pair.


The turtle always loves moving around in the stroller and taking in the sights.  And I think this was his first experience with non-pet animals.  He was interested when they were moving around, but otherwise, not so much.  He didn’t nap well at the festival, so by the time we hit the car it only took a few moments for him to crash.

Oh, and I spent a grand total of 50 cents on crafty stuffs.  I was pretty proud of that.

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