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April 6, 2009

My four month old Turtle is sound asleep in his carseat after a trip to the doctor for check up and (poor thing) shots.

This month Turtle got to see more of the world, with trips to see friends and family.  He was generally good natured about the traveling, although near the end of each trip he’d get wise to us and fuss when we’d put him back into the carseat.  He also learned a bit about suffering by getting through his first cold.  Poor baby was coughing and sneezing and not sleeping for a week or so, but he was full of energy when he started feeling better.


I’m amazed daily by how big and old the little guy is getting.  We just made the switch into 6-9 month clothes, and our collection of handmedowns is very heavy on the overalls this time around.  He looks so grown up in pants!  With a bit of help he can sit or stand, and I’m still in awe of how–well, how human he looks in these familiar poses.  He’s not the little bundle lying on a blanket passively anymore, he’s awake and active and trying to fit in with the rest of us upright people.

He’s fasinated by toys, batting at things hanging from his gym or carseat handle, holding objects (and forgetting he’s holding them when his hands fall to his sides), reaching at things with frustrated grunts when he’s having his tummy time.  When he’s getting fussy a toy can now be a distraction, and sometimes he’ll play so intently that he’ll play himself to sleep.  And with every toy the goal is always getting it into his mouth.  But sometimes when it gets to his mouth it slips out of his hand, and he ends up happily chewing on his fingers instead.


The toes are his favorite new toy this month.  He reliably grabs both feet when we change his diaper, helping us keep the feet out of the mess.  He hasn’t quite gotten them to his mouth yet, but he wants to.

He’ll smile at us across the room, and thanks to the constant misery of his cold he seems happy to be comforted by either me or Christer most of the time.  He loves seeing us or himself in the mirror, that trick almost always brings a smile.

He is my constant companion, so much so that I find myself refering to us as “we” often.  As in telling the house assessor that yes, “we” will see him tomorrow, 9am works for “us.”  Having only spoken to this man on the phone I’m sure he thought I was a bit nutty refering to myself in the royal we, but even after I realized it sounded funny I couldn’t seem to turn it off.


Christer keeps saying that he’s surprised by how much fun our Turtle is.  We’re enjoying the challenge of involving him in travel and daily chores.  He plays with a ball of yarn as I knit, and goes to the comic book store with Christer.  And he makes us laugh–with his intensity as he learns new skills, and with his infectious smile.

Four months, kiddo.  Sleep tight, there’s nothing worse than seeing you cry in pain, and we hope you feel better when you wake up.

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