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More Visitors

February 8, 2009

Having a baby is a great way to encourage visitors.  My brother drove down for a weekend dose of Turtle-time.


The other big news this weekend is that I went back to work.  Work being just a few hours on Saturday afternoons at the yarn shop.  It’s not much, but it was nice to get away from diapers and slings and work some customers through some tricky patterns.  I did find that the two months away left me a bit rusty.  Do we have a pattern for this sample?  When is this class held?  I don’t know, I just got here.  But as long as we stuck to questions about knitting, not inventory, I was having a blast.  And I’ll catch up with the other shop news soon enough.


And finally, this great shot of our Turtle at a friend’s party Saturday night.  I held him twice–once to feed him and once to give the final bounces that would put him to sleep when the fussing turned to crying.  Otherwise the ladies at the party passed him around all night.  At one point the guys and I were chatting on one side of the room, and the women were all gathered around the baby.  Our friend Edith snapped a picture, and e-mailed it to me with the subject title: Turtle’s Harem.

Visitors from afar and a whole harem to watch after him.  It’s good to know he’s loved.

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