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Fifth Sunday Spin

January 31, 2009

Today Christer’s mom, Toby and I ventured a bit out of town to join a friend at her “Fifth Saturday Spin”.  She holds these every time a month has a fifth Saturday, and invites all her fiber friends out to her farm to spin, chat, eat, explore, and, of course, knit.  It’s a fun and creative group of people, and as a not-so-spinner I am enthralled by the beauty of the spinning wheels and the yarn produced.

Every time I go out to Julie’s farm I plan to take pictures, and I don’t think I’ve ever remembered.  So here is a non-post-related picture of our little Turtle and his grandma instead.


Christer’s mom brought her trip’s embroidery project, I brought a sock, and Toby–well, he slept for a while, then charmed the crowd for a while, and then turned on a dime and screamed like crazy.  I think he was just overwhelmed after taking in all of the people, colors, spinning and chatter.  He liked it for a while, but at some point it just became too much and he snapped.  The boy takes after his mother, it seems.

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