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… Have a Dream

January 19, 2009

Along with all the inside-the-house worries about being a new mom (why is he crying, how to entertain him, what color is the poop today…) there are all the outside-the-house worries.  I don’t have to outline the sense of dread that seems to have gripped the country in the past few months, or the sense of cynicism that has ruled the last eight years.

And so these last few days, stuck at home with a baby because of cold and car troubles, with NPR as my adult companion, I’m enjoying the communal sense of optimism.

Sure, we’ll be spending this MLK Day at home–no Day of Service projects or memorial services or rallies this year.  But the stories on the radio tell of Civil Rights Era heroes, and families journeying to witness the inauguration, and the joy of an entire country pierces through the airwaves.  And even without an official gathering to attend, this day means so much more with a little one in my arms.

Looking down into the sling.

Looking down into the sling.

And so today I’ll tell my little guy stories of our United States as he sleeps.  And for today, at least, the stories won’t be tinged with sarcasm or worry or fear.  Today I wish him dreams of hope and change.

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