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January 16, 2009

Last I heard it was nine below outside, but it is warm in here.


Toby arrived 6 weeks ago, and although I’m sure someday I will want to remember these first days when he was so tiny, I can’t say I’ve had much energy for blogging.  But over the past couple weeks we’ve all settled into our new family roles, and I feel like I’m re-emerging back into the world.

Of course, this re-emerging is happening in January, and during a cold spell at that.  I’m pretty sure babies shouldn’t be out in this weather, not that I’d want to go out myself.  I go back and forth from feeling antsy and trapped, and feeling safe and warm.

The little one, though, he’s just doing safe and warm.  He’s been asleep in the sling all morning, keeping me warm enough that I actually turned the thermostat down a few degrees.  The sling is our new toy.  He didn’t like it at first, but I bribed him with a pacifier a few times, and now he’s somewhat game.  He doesn’t like being closed in at first, but it puts him to sleep in minutes.  Gotta love that.

On a day like this I’d be all for curling up in a giant, warm sling and sleeping all day.  I’ll happily settle for watching this little guy while he gets his chance.

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