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March is for Hats

March 2, 2008

Thank goodness, y’all, we made it through February! And now that it’s March, I’m on a hat kick. At Joann’s we’re doing a hat drive, collecting handmade caps for chemotherapy patients. We had a kick-off morning on Saturday, and it was good fun seeing old students and good friends and new faces all in one place. And it’s kind of fun subverting the big-box feel of the store and bringing in some of the LYS ambiance, even if only for a few hours. They don’t have free tea, and I still won’t let my yarn bounce along on the floor while knitting (ew), but the company was great.

At Joann’s I was working on a simple cap with some of their yarn, and it’s almost finished now. (and i am adding anything labeled “boucle” to my list of yarns to avoid–painfully catchy to knit with) But at home I’m getting out the good stuff to make a more personal contribution to the hat drive. It will be soft, though, and the colors are nice. I’ll post a picture when it’s done.

One year ago this month my friend Deb passed away from Leukemia. We’d been talking for a while about making hats in our S&B group to remember her. And when I brought up the idea with some students and staff at Joann’s there was a lot of interest–sadly because so many of us have been through or known folks going through cancer and treatments. I usually get 2-3 students at Joann’s classes–but we had about 15 knitters saturday morning, and another dozen picked up patterns to make on their own. And because Deb played such a big role in getting me connected to other knitters here in Indiana, I’m especially happy that there was as much networking happening as knitting. Invitations to groups were floating around, notes on what guild meetings are like were shared, hopes that many would meet again at an upcoming meet-up at the library were voiced. Deb would have liked that mix of crafting and community.

Deb was an expert knitter, and she would have shuddered at the idea of wearing a cap made of fun fur. In her memory I’ve pulled out the good stuff from the stash–two balls of Noro Lily, a cotton/silk mix in a solid, jewel toned blue. I’m about 10 rows into Shedir–a beautiful pattern that Knitty put out in their breast cancer awareness issue a few years back. Oh man, this is slow, slow going. The pattern isn’t tough to remember, but it is little–the cables are all made of one stitch ribs. Still, it’s a hat, so even at a snail’s pace I should be able to finish it this month.

So, the totals so far:
Joann’s hats: 6
Katie hats in progress: 2
Katie hats finished: 0

Anyone else out there wanna make a hat?


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