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Horn Tootin’

January 26, 2008

I’m making good on my promise to have a relaxing and productive weekend. so far I’ve:

Taken that nap I mentioned earlier. I love naps. I wish I was free in the middle of the day more often so I could take more of them.

Cleaned up the backload of dishes in/around the sink.

Made some darn good rescue potato soup, without a recipe. Rescue, as in, rescuing all the little bits of veggies that really need to be cooked or thrown out right now. Fry up some garlic and onions, add a cup of stock and 4 small potatoes all chopped up. let ’em boil until they’re good and mushy. Mush ’em a bit with the stirring spoon–enough to thicken the sauce but not enough to get rid of the lumps. Add all the other veggies–this time it was carrots, spinach and okra. Yes, i put okra in a potato soup. And it worked, it tastes good! Then a cup of milk, and spices, and some spicy. Serve with crackers and cheese. I’m finishing the leftovers off right now for lunch, and it is good soup.

Woke up on time (not early, but on time) and went to yoga. This class is way beyond me, but i made it though the hour and a half anyway, with some major editing.

A note on the yoga. I am in it for the fitness, and the chance to do something with my lazy body. And while I am not necessarily against the idea that there is a spiritual dimension, I am too busy trying to remember my right and left to give it much thought. I appreciate reminders to breathe, but anything more than that–any talk about how doing yoga makes you live longer, and explanations of how certain stretches even out your temperment, any generalizations about how we “in the west” don’t get it folks in those exotic places are so much wiser–I start to find that preachy and annoying really quickly. C’mon folks. I’ve found spiritual benefits to knitting, but I don’t tell my beginning students that knitting will change their entire life, and if it doesn’t, it’s because they aren’t trying hard enough. Nope, I teach how to cast on and keep your tension and juggle two needles and a string with only two hands. In knitting, I’ve found that paying close attention to the technical stuff is what opens you up to the real joys of the practice–and I’m just guessing that yoga might work the same way. Rant over.

I watched two movies and one episode of Ugly Betty. The fact that I consider this productive probably says something about my lack of success in connecting with the spiritual side of yoga. Oh well.

Knit up the outside of the Woodin’s tree. But what i really should have been working on was this lace sample for class. I’ll work on it later today, really.

It’s my own little pattern for teaching lace on Joann’s weight (a.k.a. worsted or thicker) yarn. Like most triangle shawls, it started quickly, and is now big and dull and neverending. I think I am going to finish it up with this ball of yarn–which’ll be a bit small for a shawl, but okay for a class sample.

I’ve gotten 4 bags/boxes of crap out of the house. Some is in the trash, some is going to goodwill. My goal is 10 bags out before Christer gets home.

And finally, I have written a monster post. clearly, Christer is gone. Otherwise I would spill these acomplishments and rants on him, and you would not have to scroll through them.

  1. Kim permalink
    January 27, 2008 11:24 am

    Nothing much beats hauling bags of stuff out of the house, does it? Congratulations on all you’re getting done. . .

  2. January 28, 2008 5:03 pm

    I love naps too. I also took one this weekend (a 3 hour one!) but it was because I’m sick, not because I wanted to. Those aren’t fun naps.

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