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Keeping Cozy

January 6, 2008

On Christer’s side the adults draw names for christmas gifts–which can be nice because there are four siblings, three spouses and two parents on that side of the family. Or it can be scary–as in me picking Christer’s dad. I don’t know what to get for my dad, what should i get for his? Thankfully, Christer’s dad was both observant and considerate. Observant in that he’s noticed that I like the knitting (and since he only sees me on vacation, he is probably under the impression that I knit 8 hours out of every day), and considerate in that he e-mailed me, several weeks before Christmas, told me that he’d really like a laptop sleeve, and that something handknitted would be perfectly acceptable. (the second hardest person to shop for on my christmas list, my own father, also pre-requested knitting this year–and I will post pictures of his present as soon as he sends me one!)

Due to other present-making and life in general, I didn’t get a chance to start this puppy until about four days before christmas, andIi finished seaming her up Christmas Eve just before we headed out for the midnight church service. It’s a pattern of my own fudging–with aran cables from a few different places, and a seed stitch border to square up the width of the laptop. Fancy enough to be fun to knit (and yes, to show off a bit), but a quick enough knit to be gifted on time.

I’ve been working on a knitting project for myself, and  am itching to share some pictures of it–but I can’t seem to find the camera. Oh, and it is miserably dark outside, so the pictures would be awful even if I could find the camera. On the plus side, though, it has been rainy today–as in not snowy. I walked to the library without a coat! A few warm days in January can do wonders for keeping me sane through the winter.

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  1. January 6, 2008 11:29 pm

    You’ve been having such a great time, I can tell! I love the laptop sleeve–the pattern is perfect! It is so thoughtful that you had pre-requested gifts. We have GOT to exchange names next year for our own family… 😀

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