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Attack of the Sock Monsters!

January 2, 2008

In the first of several posts revealing holiday crafting, I’d like to introduce the army of “stupid sock creatures” (instructions from john murphy’s book) that I cranked out for the kids on the christmas list:

I made seven in total (one ran off before i could get it to pose for a picture) and they were given to nephews, friends’ kids, the godson, and a charity auction. Since there were a lot of little boys on our christmas list this year I was thrilled to find something that was crafty, adorable, and still sufficiently boyish enough to be well recieved.

All the sock monsters came from socks bought on clearance at Target. Since they were all in the same color family it was easy to swap bits and scraps to make tails and ears and such. The instructions in the book were great–you could figure most out just from the pictures, and the written directions were super clear when I needed the extra pointers. and it was so much fun sewing the heels into lips!

That’s one of the nephews’ sock monster performing a puppet show during a post-christmas family lunch. I didn’t get any photos of the favorite sock-monster activity–throwing them at things. Note to self–throwable presents are always a hit!

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  1. January 5, 2008 4:11 pm

    those are fantastic!!! Love the colors, Love the lips, love them to bits! I admire your ability to part with them – somehow i would have managed to squirrel them away for myself. 😉

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