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Recycling Holidays

December 2, 2007

One way to make the transition from fall to winter? Recycle the decorative pumpkins by turning them into pumpkin pie!

I had a bunch of pumpkins out on our chilly enclosed porch for Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. And I remembered that they were pie pumpkins–I liked the size and shape better than the huge jack-o-lantern pumpkins. So it seemed a shame to throw out good food.

One pumpkin was looking a bit soft and wrinkled, but the other three looked good enough to eat. So, they got chopped and scooped (and pumpkin seeds were separated and toasted–an odd treat for this time of year).

And popped in the oven. The pumpkin has since been mashed, drained, and divided into lumps of puree for several upcoming recipes. The goal is to have pumpkin pie sometime this afternoon… but the crust is Christer’s project, so we shall see.

Kind of fun to go through the process, don’t know that I will do it every time I want a loaf of pumpkin bread, though. Oh, and have I mentioned that I haven’t even started making lists for Christmas gifts yet, let alone doing any of the shopping or crafting? Misplaced creativity strikes again.


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