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Deck the Halls

November 30, 2007

Remember me? I am going to resist the urge to get all meta and write a post about why I am so bad at posting lately. Clean slate, today is today, I have the day off and I am cleaning and Christmas decorating, and I want to share my staircase:

Those little circles are Ikea gifttags. Cute, eh? Too cute to be giving away as toss-out wrapping paper. Slowly I am making the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Having a house to decorate is fun, in that it is a big blank canvas. But it is time consuming in that the blank canvas is something of a mess. The thing about decorating is that the surfaces have to be clear for there to be room for decorations.

Lots has happened in last few postless weeks–nothing newsworthy, exactly, but enough to keep me busy. And while I compose little posts in my head almost daily, the only two things really worth post-posting about are our Thanksgiving travels and visitors.

As usual, we spent Thanksgiving day with Christer’s aunts in Wisconsin. Watery turkey soup in the nursing home kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner was made worthwhile by the catching up and conversation. It is always fun to see this crew. That’s Mae, Joann, Alice (sitting), Christer, and me, in order.

Then, when we got home Friday night we were met by Christer’s sister and her husband, up from Alabama. Here they are, with Christer, at a local hockey game. After watching skaters compete (and beat the heck out of–seriously, too much punching for my taste) on the ice we gave skating a try ourselves. But no pictures of that, because then my camera broke. Just the lense cover thingy is broken, not any of the inner-camera-workings–but that makes throwing the camera in a purse or pocket more difficult. You’ll be seeing a lot of pictures of my house for a while on this blog I’m afraid.

Ah, it is good to be hitting family season. I’m counting the days until we’re off to see our families over the Christmas break. Until then, there is decorating to do!

  1. November 30, 2007 3:47 pm

    I love the stairway decorations!

  2. Kim permalink
    December 1, 2007 8:18 am

    Everything, and everyone, look so cheery!!

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