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Small Visitors

October 20, 2007

Busy, busy, fun week! And the highlight was a visit from good friends from Madison–Tim, Cathy, our godson and his new little sister. A nearly three year old and a three week old. We got to play at all the parks and kids places around Fort Wayne that we usually just pass by. Like the preschool room at the library, which features this tree:

I am impressed with their bravery traveling with such a little one–although I suppose in some ways it’s easier traveling with her now than it will be in a few months. She slept and slept and slept, except for at night. It was a treat to spend some time with a baby so little–you just don’t get to see them that little very often!

I skipped running and Tai Chi on Thursday, and we forgot to pick up our CSA veggies–but hopefully the health benefits of seeing old friends will counteract all that. It is very good to reconnect, even if they were a bit sleep-deprived. And the kids were a lot of fun. Last time we saw the three year old he was just starting to use a few words… this time he was quite talkative and it was fun to get a glimpse into his world. An example: as they were leaving Cathy, after grinning for two days at our childless fascination and sometimes-cluelessness with their kids, joked that oops, they forgot to leave a diaper for Christer. As in, a chance for him to change the baby. But the little guy heard that, and piped up “No Mommy, Christer wears underpants.”

Small kids mean lots of excuses for pictures and crafting. I’ll post some crafting pictures tomorrow–until then, yes, I made the red sweater the little guy is wearing in the photo.


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