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Shopping Tunic

September 28, 2007

Did I mention I was making a Twinkle sweater?

Have you looked through Twinkle’s Big City Knits? I was not interested at first because of the bulky yarn, but then I ended up getting it from the library and keeping it for an extra week (shh, don’t tell all my librarian friends!) because I was still studying all the pictures. It’s a whole book full of chunky patterns, they’re all fun to look at, and a good share of them are wearable! My only complaint is that the patterns seem full of errata, and the instructions seem unreasonably unclear–despite the quick knitting I wouldn’t recommend these to new knitters. But that’s forgivable for someone who came up with so many cute quick-sweater-fix projects.

Actually, this is Twinkle pattern number two. The first, um, didn’t work so well. It looked a lot better on the boobless model in the book. No, there are no photos. Luckily, with big yarn and size 13 needles, it didn’t take too long to rip it out and make this one instead. I wasn’t a big fan of this “shopping tunic” when it showed up on the front of Vogue last winter. But then I saw a version made with Rowan Cotton Tape on Ravelry (love you Ravelry! Can’t wait for you to go public so I can link to you!), and I had some Rowan Cotton Tape, and so I started knitting. This is a super-duper-simple pattern, knit in the round, turned inside out so the purl texture is on the right side. Let me finish sewing up the ends and pockets and you can see what it looks like on. But before seeing it on, it’s kind of fun to see what this silly tube of a sweater looks like flat.

It’s the weekend, horray! This should be a slow-paced, at-home weekend–probably with a good deal of cleaning and house work thrown in. No big plans, and that in itself sounds pretty good to me!

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  1. edith permalink
    September 28, 2007 8:13 pm

    (psst…your librarian friends know…and it’s okay, we keep books out too long, too!) 😛

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