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House Party

August 18, 2007

Last night our new house was officially warmed. We had a big house warming party, and had a fabulous time with all sorts of people who have made Indiana not only bearable, but downright pleasant. Inbetween drinks and slices of Christer’s homemade baklava I couldn’t help but think back on how far we’ve come in the past three years. This is a good community–the town, the people, our jobs. We’ve been focusing on the fixing up and arranging furniture and buying appliances, but owning a house is also a sort of commitment to this place–a commitment we weren’t ready to make two years ago. Thank goodness for all the people who have made Indiana feel like home.

And, of course, the knitters are a big part of all that:

This morning when I was expecting to upload about a dozen party pictures from my camera. But instead 60 pictures tumbled out! Christer had been taking pictures of our house from all angles to send to his parents. It was fun looking through his pictures and seeing the house through his eyes. Most of the pictures seemed to be of big piles of boxes. Like this one of my craft-room-in-progress:

There’s a big Ikea bookshelf and a nice long table to add to this room, and I’m hoping that’ll give the stuff on the floor some places to move to soon. You’ll get more pictures as I continue to work on it–I love this space and I can’t wait until it’s a bit more functional.

The blog news: Good news, comments are working. Bad news, bloglines is still having problems finding me. Good news, you can now find my blog at plain old “”. Bad news, once you go to that address, there’s a chance your browser will continue to display your location as for the rest of your session. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt anything, but it is a bit strange, so Christer is trying to fix it.

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  1. August 20, 2007 12:43 pm

    Hooray for Indiana feeling like home! That fact deserves celebration, KT.

    I hope you continue to meet excellent people.

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