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Good News

June 16, 2007

Hey everybody, I got a job! A little job, teaching a few knitting classes at a chain store. But hey, they are going to pay me to knit–how cool is that? This came about rather randomly–I was just stopping by, and I saw the sign for a knitting instructor in the window, and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. A quick trip home to gather up some finished projects, about an hour of interviewing and paperwork, and by the end of the afternoon I had signed a contract. Crazy. I don’t start until August, but I am already all excited.

Even better, this is not the job that I hinted about a few posts back. That is another little job, not craft related, still in the works, but looking quite promising. I’m pretty excited that a few of these little money-making schemes seem to be flying my way right as I have more time with classes out of the way. It would be nice to keep some of the flexibility I’ve gotten used to with the school schedule, and have the variety of several different little jobs. Throw in my part time secretarying for stability, and I think I could like this sort of schedule.

Typing and odd jobs. This is what one does with a Masters in Theology. No complaints here.

And amid all the good news for me, here’s some good news for you, too. Or at least those of you who are in the Sheep Club. The June/July batch went in the mail today. Except for a few international packages. The downtown post office and I had a disagreement about customs forms, and so I’ll be sending those out from the local not-open-on-Saturday office on Monday.

They’re a bit different from the picture, though. The red and black are the same, but I decided that the metallic silver fellow looked too grey. So I substituted him with gold sheep, and I forgot to take a picture before it turned dark. No worries, you will see the new gold sheep soon enough when it arrives.


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