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June 12, 2007

I might have been bad yesterday and cast on for another project…

Celessidra, from Knitty. Cast on just as the new Knitty came out. (By the way, new Knitty? Must make a Tangerine Twist, possibly in green. I like the Hip in Hemp skirt on the cover. Except, well, why would I knit a whole skirt just to sit on it and snag it? I’m also intrigued enough by the neckline on Coachella to give it a go. There were several nice sock patterns–but I think I’ll have my hands full with knee socks for a while…)

I started the ribbing early yesterday evening, and I spent two whole hours watching Stuck on You and slowly making my way around the first 4 rows in pattern. Took me forever! Perhaps it’ll get better as I get the hang of flipping from chart to chart.

Ah, but to have hand knit knee socks. It will be worth it.

Tonight the sock is set aside, however. I will be doing the final roundup of twisting and crimping so that the Sheep Club sheep are ready to catch the first train out tomorrow morning.

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