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All Done Part III

May 28, 2007

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t finish anything yesterday–but just before bed I hid the final loose strings after seaming up my Spring Hoodie:

I don’t think you’ll be getting a modeled shot of this one. It fits just right around the bust (which was, of course, the measurement given in the pattern). But the ribbing pulls in the bottom edge, so that instead of lightly skimming around the hips, a 5 inch bulge of hip sticks out on either side. Could have used a bit of shaping along with the vents, or something other than ribbing along the edge. But, the Cotton Ease, it has the reputation of stretching sideways with wear, so I think there is still hope for this sweater. I’ll probably wear it around the house a bit hoping it stretches. Problem is, it is now too hot for sweaters, so it might not be until fall that I’ll know if the hoodie is salvageable. So no modeled pictures for now.

But, on the plus side, miles of stockinette on this sweater definitely helped me through the final weeks of my thesis. I love knitting with Cotton Ease, and I love wearing the soft, slouchy, comfy, weekend fabric that it makes. The pattern was out of Vogue Knitting Fall 05, and other than some major pattern errors around the hood (the measurements were way too short–even with adding about 6 inches my hood is still a bit too small to actually wear on my head) I followed the pattern as written.

So, two days, three finished projects. What should I finish today?

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  1. May 28, 2007 9:35 am

    it’s such a cute sweater! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it will stretch into a wearable (and model-able for the blog!) sweater. 🙂

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