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Between the Typing

April 15, 2007

“Imagination is the human function that allows us to contribute small novelties to God’s ongoing work of creation.” That is posted to my monitor as I type, a reminder to keep my thesis on topic (and a reminder not to play too long with the blog).

In the last post I mentioned maybe visiting my advisor. Well, I met with the advisor on Wednesday and (despite the fact that, after 3 weeks, she still had not read my whole paper!) we figured that copies would be due to my orals committee this coming Thursday! So I need not explain where I have been…

With everything else wiped off of my schedule, I’ve been turning to the knitting for breaks here and there. And I’ve finished the knitting on the Spring Hoodie:

Those colors are very much not true to life. They are the result of some of the automatic fixes in Photoshop Elements. Not realistic, but more interesting than the washed out blah of a cloudy day. Maybe by the time I seam up the sleeves and weave in the ends it will look more like spring out?

Despite my complaining about the weather and the thesis, I’ve had a pretty nice weekend. I’ve gotten a lot of work done, and so I’m feeling frantic, but fairly confident about getting the paper done on time. Last night Christer pulled me away from the computer long enough to see a local playwright’s production of his short plays. It was the first time we’d seen that sort of small-time theater around here, so it was very exciting. And the show was quite good. Today Christer again pulled me out of the house for a trip to the library. I typed, he browsed, and we took a break to walk to a Coney place a few blocks away. I’m hoping that the library-and-chili-dog combo continues to be a common weekend activity after I get this schoolwork out of the way. The change of scenery was good for the productivity, too.

And, the sheep have been delayed a bit by the typing, but they are almost ready to go. They will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

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