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April 2, 2007

I’ve been looking forward to this batch of Project Spectrum colors–so springy! So last week when I found myself without an easy project, I snuck in a false start and cast on for this bright dishcloth:

It’s done, and it looks like a square, so just enjoy the closeup, okay? That quick knit went so quick knit went so quickly, and I needed something else mindless to work on while traveling, and while resting my brain from the schoolwork. I found some Cotton Ease in the stash, and since I think Cotton Ease knits up like a cozy sweatshirt I was on the lookout for a casual, simple, sweater. I cast on for this simple hoodie from Vogue Fall 2005. There was lots of plane and family knitting time this weekend, I finished the back (shown here) and made good progress on the front. I think this sweater just might be finished before the thesis.

And finally, while home I had a chance to stop by a cute new yarn shop and pick up some Trekking sock yarn. I lost the label already (strangely, labels left on the floor at my apartment stay on the floor, but at my parents’ they’re considered “trash” and get picked up by someone being helpful. Sigh.) but it was some combination of wool and bamboo. I also had to pick up some cheap needles, even though I like bamboo better for socks. But it was worth it, because I got quite a ways on a sock for my dad.

Um, not quite pink or yellow or green, but I’m going to keep working on it (and it’s mate) anyway. Just can’t see dad in dishcloth colored socks.

The weekend, as you might have gathered, was spent in Kansas City, being with family and remembering grandma. Good to be with our close family, and kind of fun to visit with a few representatives of far-flung relatives. When grandma’s brother’s son–I hadn’t seen him since I was 6-months old–showed up in a Prius, I attributed it to the genes. Good stock, our family. And a reminder that the values Grandma passed along to us were given to her by someone else, long ago.


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