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Hunkering Down

February 12, 2007

Storm’s a’comin’! They say we’ll might get a foot of snow in the next 24 hours, and I’m all ready. I braved the grocery store this afternoon (really, if anything is scarier than the roads during a snowstorm it’s the grocery before the storm). And tonight Christer and I took a late-night field trip to the bookstore to use up some gift certificates.

I came home with Victorian Lace Today–what a great book! I’m loving all the rectangles. I just don’t know quite how to wear a triangle shawl, but I can pull off scarves. And the book is full of history and bits of original patterns and notes on construction. I came home and quickly found the white sea silk I bought a few weeks ago. I’m going to keep working on Saffy in the background, but I’m itching to try something new. I think I’m going to follow Grumperina’s lead and make a melon stitch scarf (shown behind the yarn in the picture). It looks like a fun pattern, and she’s already shown that a single skein of sea silk is plenty for a scarf.

Food, knitting–now I just need the weather to be bad enough that my workplace shuts down tomorrow. Unlikely–but wouldn’t it be nice to stay inside with the lace, watching the snow…


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