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Meeting Elizabeth

January 16, 2007

Can I admit to you that I haven’t read any Elizabeth Zimmerman? I’ve been reading the raves of bloggers online, and my local knitting friends swear by her words. But when it comes time to pick up a book at the store or library, I’ve never made it home with one of hers. I might even admit to you that my aversion has something to do with the large number of words and small number of pictures in her books. This is hardly a must oogle cover:

But when Edith gave me a copy as a Christmas present I figured that it would be good for me to read it. And now I’m hooked. First, I love her writing–so fun to follow along with the project and hear her quips along the way. Second, she is, indeed, very encouraging, and has me thinking I should try and tweak and design more and follow patterns less. And third, she has me wanting to make an Aran sweater. I don’t particularly like bulky Aran sweaters, but after reading the first chapter (on making an Aran sweater) I must design and knit one. Preferably by the end of January, because the February chapter has a whole different project to explore, and I wouldn’t want to fall behind.

While we’re on the subject of knitters and gifts, I should also give a shout out to Lynn, who gave the best knitting gift ever: a gift certificate promising to finish one of my projects! I am agonizing over which project to hand over (it must be something I have lost interest in but that I still want the finished project). Thank goodness for local knitters who inspire me to try new things and finish old ones!

  1. January 16, 2007 9:15 am

    I also just got my first E.Z. (I, too, have been distracted by the shiny pretty pictures in other books), and it was the Almanac, as well. What a fun book!

    (also, I was kind of confused when I came across this post, because our wordpress styles are the same, and I’d just made a post about the Almanac, and for a second I thought I was on my own blog!)

  2. January 16, 2007 12:41 pm

    THAT is SO CLEVER! I LOVE the idea of a gift certificate in exchange for a completed project! I can think of so many ways to apply this *cough*bribe*cough* here at our house! Hmmmmm…. lol

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