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Holiday Part II

January 4, 2007

Near the end of our holiday travels I was feeling refreshed and all ready to jump back into work and school and writing. And then a cold hit. And then a stomach bug hit. And suddenly I’ve been home a week and I haven’t unpacked and I feel behind even though the year has barely started.

But, this afternoon I am feeling much better, and getting back into the grind is seeming not-so-grinding. After I post these travel pics I might even get around to cleaning up some of the pre-holiday crafting/wrapping/sending mess.

So, back on vacation. After spending Christmas morning at my parents’ in Kansas City, we headed out to Portland, Oregon to see Christer’s side of the family. I have to mention here that I am the oldest of three and Christer is the youngest of four, and we have been very lucky that all of each family has been able to get together for the past four Christmases we’ve spent together. Granted, each family has gotten together on separate sides of the country–but its good to have a high family-to-mile ratio.

The nephews got a little handmade something that, again, I forgot to photograph before giving. I made little I Spy games for them–little trinkets hidden in colored rice in bottles. (Idea, tutorial, and better pictures can be found at Kiddley) The older nephew got into trying to find all the hidden treasures. The younger nephew was happy to just shake the noisy bottle.

After Christmas festivities came to a close, Christer’s parents took us to see a Star Wars exibit at the local science museum. While the science tie-ins were somewhat questionable, the Star Wars costumes, props, and models were fun. And Christer, who usually has to be coerced into smiling for the camera, had very specific ideas of how he wanted to be photographed by each exibit. He even made me push some kids out of the way to get this shot:

While in Oregon I made it to three yarn shops–and perhaps because I was still in the post-Christmas-over-consumption-glow I managed to leave with minimal purchases. I visited an old favorite, Fiber Nooks and Crannys, in Corvallis with Christer’s mom. This is an all around great shop, huge stock of basic wools and plenty of fun stuff, too. I picked up two balls of hemp yarn–on sale. As I was checking out I mentioned that a friend at home was a member of their mail-order sock club, and they recognized her name–small knitting world, eh?

In Portland I snuck off while the family browsed at Powells (bookstores just don’t have the same alure for me while I’m in school. I’m sure that once I finish the thesis I’ll be able to browse aisles of books again without panic) to see two other shops. Knit Knot was a tiny, but packed, shop with lots of my favorites. I managed to leave without anything, though, because I know where to buy those favorites closer to home. Then I stopped by Knit Purl and wow–so much fancy yarn to squish! Raw silk and shiny silk and sea silk and all sorts of silk. An aisle of Habu. All sorts of things to touch that I hadn’t seen before. And with reason–all of it more expensive than my budget. I left with a tiny ball of Habu paper/linen/yarn stuff. I’m going to have to come up with a special little project for that souvineer, and I’m going to have to start saving up now for my next trip to Portland.

All those yarn shops, and I only took one knitting related picture. Not at a yarn shop, but in the Anthropologie window. Ashley, this squirel’s for you:

At the end of the trip we rang in the new year at a party hosted by Christer’s brother & family. They brought in a karioke machine for the kids (“Twinkle twinkle little star” anyone?) which also kept the adults amused. In the interest of young children up past bedtimes and old aunts with colds who had to catch early morning planes, we celebrated East Coast style–cheering as the ball dropped in New York and as the year changed in Fort Wayne. Here’s Christer’s parents at the party:

That’s the holiday wrap up. Now it’s time to get started on 2007!

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  1. Kim permalink
    January 5, 2007 8:51 am

    The “I Spy” bottles are BRILLIANT!! Fantastic creation, as usual.

    Hope the cold is just a memory very soon.

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