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Two Strikes, Doesn’t Make an Out

October 13, 2006

Wednesday night I was at S&B working diligently on the Mets sock, while the Mets were taking the night off because of rain. They didn’t accomplish much that night, but I finished the first sock.

On Thursday, it got a lot harder to root for the Metz. I am a Royals fan, and that hasn’t done me much good in deciding who to root for in the post season for a long time. So here are my criteria for choosing sides in sports:

1) Root for cities I have lived in or have ties to.
2) Root for Midwestern teams over Coast teams.
3) Root for whoever the most passionate fan in the room is rooting for.

Under this system, the Mets have two strikes against them. I’ve got quite a few friends from St. Louis, and I worked on that side of the state summers during college. And although my brother contends that the Cardinals and Royals are rivals, I say that only applies when they are playing each other. Besides, the Royal’s biggest rival right now is their own owner, who is busy running them into the ground. But then there’s that last point–and maybe I’m getting soft, but that one might win me over. Christer is so desperate to see the Mets get to the World Series that I just can’t bear to root against him.

Luckily, last night I didn’t have to choose, yet. I am waiting on a second skein (I told Christer that I wouldn’t buy more yarn if he wanted equally spaced blue and orange stripes, but no, he said that wouldn’t look Mets-y enough.) of blue yarn from Simply Socks (Allison has been fabulous about helping me find the right color). So I cast on for another Christmas present, something with lots of stockinette that I can work on in the car this weekend. Something purple, a color not worn by either Mets or Cardinals.

We’re heading out of town to visit friends, I’ve got my knitting ready to go, and we’ll probably catch some more baseball over the weekend. I just have to wait for the work day to be over and the relaxing can start. Hope y’all have good weekends, too.

  1. Tea Swap Pal permalink
    October 13, 2006 5:07 pm

    I love this sock. I have a friend (and knitter) who is a serious Mets fan. I’ll have to send her to your blog. Happy Friday!

  2. October 15, 2006 12:18 pm

    One of your better posts, my friend. I have a few rock-solid teams (Vanderbilt, TN Titans, Steelers) — then after that, it’s a game-by-game scenario. Usually based on the logical-type criteria you lay out here.

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