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Orange and Black All Over

October 1, 2006

Even though Halloween hit the stores months ago, I’ve tried to hold off on starting any holiday celebrating until October came. October is now here!

I confess, I did make this garland several weeks ago. Archivers just opened up in town, and I had to take advantage of their free cardstock coupon. Yes, I know they tend to put local scrapbook stores out of business, and I promise I won’t go again. But curiousity mixed with the prospect of a free tote bag was enough to get me to abandon my principles. I don’t really do a lot of paper crafting, and I didn’t want to build up paper just because it was free. So I picked out orange and green paper, and immediately played with their diecut machine and cut out bunches of pumpkins. Add some faces and some string and I sent them off to my sister.

And for me, this little impulse purchase from Old Navy this afternoon:

They aren’t handknitted, but they are knee socks. I figure they’re a test run before I put in the time to make a handmade pair.

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  1. October 3, 2006 11:59 am

    Awesome garland!

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