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Slow News Day

September 23, 2006

After last weekend’s hurried trip, this weekend’s slow pace is a welcome chance to catch up. This morning I made the weekly trip to the Barr Street market, and I was sad to hear that there’s only one week left. I’ve been spoiled by all the fresh local veggies. I also stopped by a garage sale–the seller was getting rid of her grandma’s yarn and knitting books. I was hoping to score a bunch of acrylic for a friend who crochets with women in prison (they go through yarn quicker than she can afford it–you gotta admit, the idea of having nothing to do all day but crochet is just a little bit appealing). Unfortunately the seller couldn’t find the yarn, but she did send me off with a whole box of Workbook magazines.

You’ve seen those, right? Knitting and other craft patterns from the 60s and 70s and 80s. There are a few salvageable patterns, but for the most part the fun in these magazines is the corny models and awful sweaters. I am considering chopping them up and making some knitting notecards. You think they would sell in the etsy shop?

I’ve started another project. But I have also instituted a rule: only one gift on the needles at a time. This is a Christmas present in the works for my Grandma on my dad’s side. Grandma on mom’s side got a scarf last year. The yarn is a wool/cashmere blend, and ohmygoodness I had forgotten how lovely it is to knit with wool. I really like working with cotton and wearing cotton, and all summer I’ve been using cotton–but wow does cashmere feel soft in comparison.

I’ve been doing exactly one repeat a night for the past four days–and I just used up the first ball of yarn. At this pace the scarf will be five times this length in two weeks–and I will be done with a Christmas present in October. After doing my repeat, if I’ve still got some knitting left in me I’ve been working on Saffy. Both projects have just enough of a pattern to keep me interested, but not enough to distract me from the TV. I ought to confess that I’ve maybe watched 3 1/2 seasons of Smallville in the last month. All in the interest of facilitating knitting time, of course.

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  1. September 23, 2006 5:30 pm

    Workbook?! Boy, that takes me back. . . I wish I had all my Grandma’s. . . Good for you!

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