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Don’t Make Me Think

June 23, 2006

All my knitting is in thinking stages right now. This doesn’t go well with the recent busying of my schedule. There are times when I would have liked to sit down with some TV knitting this week, and I haven’t because all the projects are at more complicated parts.

Case #1:

I did manage to seam up the middle of the pinwheel. The first stripe, dark blue running all around the pinwheel, is done. Now I just have to clear off enough floor to lay the whole thing out flat and carefully sew the pieces together at the right tension so that the rug doesn’t end up with a ruffle. Too hard for Friday knitting.

Case #2:

I also managed to seam the shoulders and sides of Evening Star. But the next step is picking up three thousand stitches around the neck and bottom and knitting about 3 rows worth of ruffle. Too much pick up for too little payoff.

Which leaves me with Icarus. (oh, yeah, and about a dozen other works in process on the sidebar. Just ignore those for now, okay. If they’re stagnet over there then they are at thinking parts too.) I’m still about half a repeat away from thinking about the edge charts. But I am out of yarn, and to knit more on it I have to wind another skein of Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud into a ball. Okay, that doesn’t take much thinking–but hand-winding 440 yards of laceweight requires whining even when I’m feeling perky.

Verdict? I want to bring some knitting along to a free outdoor concert tonight. Icarus holds the highest portability, and the highest effort to concert knitting ratio. So I’m off to wind and wind and wind.

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  1. June 28, 2006 2:46 pm

    I’m totally in the same spot as you on most of my projects. It caused me to cast on for something new! Bad me!

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