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This is Still a Knitting Blog

April 3, 2006

Due to a strangely slow internet connection this weekend, blogging has been postponed. Uploading pictures just isn’t going to happen. If you’ve been having trouble connecting to my page this weekend that’s probably part of the same problem with our connection.

The same goes for the Etsy shop. The sheep are done, but I can’t get photos to upload, so they aren’t in the shop yet. You can still order by e-mailing me, though… see the details two entries down.

I’ve been behind on answering e-mails, too. Thank you to everyone who’s sent blogiversary wishes! And if you’ve sent an address, you’re on the list for the blogiversary stitchmarker. I’ll be getting that project together next weekend. There are still a few left if anyone is still being shy…

I have been knitting, I have been photographing… hopefully the internet will be all fixed by the time I get home from school on Friday.

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