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Stashalong Complete

March 31, 2006

The stashalong finishes today! And I thought I’d take a look back on the stashbusting I’ve acomplished in three months of buying no yarn.

Finished projects:
Spherey (sadly, already gone missing)
Harry Potter Book Scarf
Ribbon Scarf
Texas Socks
Knitty Gritty Boots
Skirt (okay, sewn, not knit, but still from the stash)
Sockapaloooza socks (did I tell you they’re finished? well, they are)

Significant progress on:
Unbiased (so close… must finish!)
Samus (sigh, I so wanted to finish this by now)

If I’ve learned anything from this, it’s that I am a much slower knitter than I ever seem to assume when buying yarn. I’ve finished a lot of projects in the last three months, and I haven’t really made a dent in the stash. I think that means that more discipline is needed, and so I have a plan:

Tomorrow I’m placing an order with KnitPicks. I’m getting yarn for a shrug for my sister, a tank or tee for me, and something lace for me. I’m also getting a couple more colors of Wool of the Andes for my Eat Your Veggies sweater, and color cards for some of their yarns. Their prices are so cheap that I might even have to throw in a pattern to hit the $40 free shipping minimum. And then? No more yarn for three more months.

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  1. April 1, 2006 10:52 am

    Alas, poor Spherey, we loved him well.

    I’m starting a Stashalong today; you’ve passed the baton. Uh, needle. . .

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